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Training Lab

The Atlanta Training Lab is setup in a comfortable location for students to communicate when desired while having easy access to equipment and controls.Training

Training Programs

The training programs offered by many machine tool companies and distributors falls short in providing operators the necessary depth to take full advantage of all the machines’ features and capabilities. Additionally, many programs are only available if the customer is willing to travel off-site which can be expensive and limiting for the number of operators that can attend. Some companies even charge extra for training and many small machines come with no qualified training at all.

Capital is committed to providing the highest level of training possible. We can provide training on everything that we sell. Beyond the training we provide at installation time, Capital can also provide follow-up training programs either in your plant or at one of our Technology Showrooms.

Many machine tools in use today are not performing as well as they could because of pertinent information that has been lost or ignored as operators change. Capital recognizes this dilemma which many companies face and is always willing and able to meet these additional needs at little or no charge depending on the machines’ age. Often times a machines’ setup time or accuracy can be improved substantially if the operator is fully trained and understands the best way to utilize the equipment.