Welbee WB-W400 AC-MIG Weld Power Source
Enhanced welding support for thin plate aluminum


The 400A inverter-based weld power source delivers AC-MIG welding with both WavePulse and AC WavePulse capability.  The W400 is excellent for application requiring precise control of the heat input to the substrate in balance with the heat input to the welding wire.

  • Enhanced welding support for thin plate aluminum via enhanced AC welding mode
  • Synchro-MIG function allows for optimized welding of different plate thicknesses
  • AC Pulse and Wave Pulse modes provide beautiful welds with reduced soot
  • Standard Aluminum & Stainless Steel welding modes
  • 80 kHz Digital Inverter
  • Control the weld current via a torch switch
  • Crater Fill Function prevents crater oxidation
  • 3 phase primary (460 Volts)
  • 100 job memory storage for semi-automatic use

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