Teach Pendant

FD21 Teach Pendant

The handheld teach pendant allows for smooth operations. Compact and light weight, this device allows you to program various models of robotic industrial machinery, and have them readily available in the palm of your hand.


The handheld teach pendant helps you find better welding conditions with one-touch operation. With one-touch access, the touch panel provides one-touch access to teaching items, reducing the number of times keys are pressed. The Jog Dial makes it possible to scroll through programs, make an adjustment to wire aiming position, and to do wire inching and retract movement with jog dial, jog dial can provide intuitive operation for multiple items. Equipped with an improved display of characters, making it easier to read.

New FD21 Teach Pendant Delivers Enhanced Physical “Connection” for Operation and Teaching

Redesigned for comfortable, extended use

  • 66% less arm fatigue
  • Weight reduced by 15%
  • Grip redesigned with comfortable 3D contouring

Redesigned for reliability

  • Weld-spatter-resistant border around touch-screen
  • Pluggable teach pendant cable for rapid damaged cable replacement
  • Hanger hook is now a replaceable, wear item

Touch-screen upgraded

  • Improved resolution and contrast
  • Faster response
  • Finer touch resolution


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