Fusion Arc Weld Cell

Introducing our new line of Fusion Arc Welding Cells

We have re-engineered our cells from the ground up, starting with the base of the unit which uses slot-and-tab construction to provide a ridged foundation.  This minimizes resonance, which enables the Fusion Arc cell to take advantage of the new FD’s unmatched speeds.  Capital Robotics offers a selection of pre-configured Cells that are engineered as a compete solution for a host of applications. Fusion Arc designates our family of cells available in a range of sizes and configurations, these pre-engineered systems provide a fully enclosed environment that remains functional, flexible and meets most safety requirements while remaining very cost-effective. Each cell is available with a host of productivity options and the space-saving design make for easy placement and relocation in your manufacturing area.

  • Optimized for the Working Envelope of the Robotic Manipulator
  • Replaceable Metal Side Panels
  • New Space Saving Design
  • Power Source, Shielding Gas, Wire, Control Unit, Teach Pendent, Robot Manipulator and Worktables all on one moveable unit
  • Improved Safety Doors
  • Easily Customized, Offered Pre-drilled & Tapped for Accessories
  • Rigid Slot & Tab construction

Save valuable set-up time

Another unique feature of our Fusion Arc Cells is it comes fully assembled, saving valuable set-up time.

A typical set-up would consist of:

  • Place the cell on your shop floor
  • Provide 3 Phase power
  • Provide compressed air for the safety doors
  • Feed the filler material
  • And finally provide the shielding gas

It’s that Easy!

Optional Matrix-Tooling Table

As an option, Capital Robotics can provide our Matrix-Tooling Tabletop/ The hole pattern can be labeled with letters and numbers, further defining fixture placement.  This feature greatly reduces fixture set-up time and allows for easy changes in the future.  Tabletops are designed to last a lifetime and can be reversed if surface becomes damaged.

Designed for the Future…

The new modular construction enables us to integrate additional peripheral axis or stations, adapting to the customers needs as required. After years of implementing automated welding, Capital Robotics has acknowledged our extensive customer base. Listening to our customers, Capital Robotics has redesigned our Fusion Arc Cells, utilizing fresh, new integration techniques.

Standard Weld Cell Configurations (Total Customizing available)

FA 100
(Also available in an extended reach format, the 100L)

Compact design allows for ease of loading/unload on the same side. Less investment when compared to a turnable.

(Also available in and extended reach format, the 180L)

Dual station with larger openings. Modular design allows changes to be made after purchase.

(Also available in an extended reach format, the 200L)

Dual station cell with larger openings than the FA100. Same facet load/unloading.

(Also available in an extended reach format, the 300L)

Triple Station weld cell. Option are endless. Our most versatile package.