M350, M500
Entrance into the Inverter Class on the highest level

Significant improvement in the arc stability over the entire performance range.

A high performance welding for manual or automatic applications can be realized by setting the optimal waveform control according to different requirements (standard/high speed/extension).


  • Welding current: 130A
  • Welding voltage: 16.5V
  • Shield gas: 80Ar/20% CO2
  • Plate thickness: 1.6mm

A stable arc is realized even if the stickout changes or during weaving operations

  • Welding current: 300A
  • Welding voltage: 30V
  • Wire size: 1.2mm, Mild steel flux cored
  • Plate thickness: 9mm
  • Weaving frequency: 2.5Hz Amplitude 1.5mm

A further increase in speed is realized via the new integrated high speed welding mode.

Excellent welding performance and reduced arc voltage fluctuations during the high speed welding mode prevents defects in the weld bead.

  • Welding current: 250A
  • Welding speed: 100cm/min
  • Welding voltage: 25V
  • Wire size: 1.2mm

Arc start performance is improved by the implemented digital start.

The arc start performance in stainless mode is significantly improved by the digital turbo start and the end pulse function unique to DAIHEN which can optimize the wire tip shape.