Capital Robotics and OTC Daihen offer a unique partnership for total customer support.

Capital Robotics is a subsidiary of Capital Machine Technologies, Inc. Capital is the largest provider of Robotic Welding & Fabricating Technology in the South. Our company provides experienced Welding Engineers, Applications Engineers, Service Engineers, Robotic Weld Cells, On-site Training Classes, and an abundant inventory of robotic welding parts & consumables.

The unique partnership between Capital and OTC Daihen offers total customer satisfaction. OTC Daihen is dedicated to providing welding, plasma cutting, and automation solutions through the innovative application of their specialized knowledge and expertise. “TOTAL TECHNOLOGY, SINGLE SOURCE” has remained the primary focus and strength of their organization. They are internationally recognized as the leading producer of advanced welding and robotic systems, their expertise and technological advancements provide true state-the-of-art capabilities.

Capital’s distribution and service area spans 12 states including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Capital has three Technology Showrooms with our Atlanta facility functioning as our Robotics headquarters and is also home to OTC’s Atlanta office.

Fusion Arc Weld Cells

Capital Robotics offers a complete line of pre-configured weld cells, known as Fusion Arc. Each cell is optimized for the working envelope of the robotic manipulator they are designed for. While these cells are pre-configured they do offer simple expansion and come pre-drilled and tapped to accept many optional accessories. If a custom configuration is required, please call and find out how we can meet your needs while supplying a safe and efficient custom weld cell.