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Why Capital Robotics?

The worlds most advanced welding technology!
Integration simplicity and reliability using Single-source hardware!
Pre-configured for maximum flexibility!
Rigid designed work cells using state-of-art technology!

Just a few of the many reasons why.

Capital Robotics Weld Cell

With Numerous

Additions & Optimizations

The Ultimate in Production

Advanced Fixturing Software

Affordable welding fixtures produced on-site

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Capital and OTC-Daihen offer a unique partnership for total customer support.


Capital Robotics is a subsidiary of Capital Machine Technologies, Inc.  Capital is the largest provider of Robotic Welding & Fabricating Technology in the South.  The company provides experienced Welding Engineers, Operational Robotic Cells, On-site Training Classes & an abundant inventory of robotic welding parts & consumables.


With Capital Robotics you get to take advantage of a multitude of resources to enhance your own companies abilities. Capital Robotics and OTC-Daihen have joined forces to provide the finest customer support possible, by offering a combination of resources including Welding Engineers, Service Engineers, Sales Engineers, Operational Robotic Systems, Training Classes & Parts.

Capital has three Technology Showrooms with our Atlanta facility functioning as our Robotics headquarters, and is also home to OTC’s Atlanta office.

Miss Capital’s Welding Seminar in Atlanta? Click here to get the post-show details.

Mobile Demonstration Units


With our Mobile Robotic Demo Units we can provide you with a fully functional Robotic Cell at your facility. Each unit is capable of demonstrating the many benefits of robotic welding from part programming to setting up a production line.


OTC-Daihen is dedicated to providing welding, plasma cutting and automation solutions through the innovative application of their specialized knowledge and expertise. Internationally recognized as the leading producer of advanced welding and robotic systems, their expertise and technological advancements provide their customers true state-of-art capabilities.

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Save Valuable Set-up Time

Our Fusion Arc Cell comes fully assembled.

     A typical set-up would consist of:
   · Place the cell on your shop floor
   · Provide 3 Phase power
   · Provide compressed air for the safety doors
   · Feed the filler material
   · And finally provide the shielding gas

It’s that Easy!

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